AvGro offers a series of soil amendments that directly address the soil and water needs of agriculture production, soil remediation, and coastal restoration. Our products are designed to transform damaged soil into productive land and to reduce dependency on synthetic fertilizers. Application of our mineral based product to land has no limits and will be effective regardless of the soil composition. The technology is also adaptable to varying climates.

Applied as a fine powder, the AvGro suite of products employ a series of complex scientific principles to innovatively orchestrate catalytic processes within the soil. By re- engineering specific oxidative processes, soil fertility - including moisture availability - is greatly enhanced.

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AvGro Mend : Organic Soil Amendment AvMend is the solution that can turn unproductive land into productive, vibrant parcels.

The mineral-based technology used in AvMend rapidly introduces a rigid matrix structure to the soil surface, allowing water to freely penetrate, while dramatically increasing water retention. Soil particles remain moist, yet are ...

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AvGro TURF CROP : Organic Soil Additive Our lives depend on plants for virtually everything that keeps us alive; oxygen, food, fibers, lumber, and fuel. Plants are in constant motion as they develop, search for light and nutrients, avoid predators, exploit neighbors, and reproduce. Due to human activity, the soils that support these plants are often deficient and need amending. AvGro CROP, ...

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